Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Red Leather

Yea, Baby!

Day two of My Goodwill Goddess Blog.

Let's see, it's above freezing outside.

The high should reach the low 50s.

I haven't worn this jacket in a while, and it's really cute. It's what we used to call a super-suede. The outside is green. The inside is dark red. The label has been cut out, unfortunately, but it's gorgeous!! The secret is to see what I have that matches and compliments it.  I found a Gap long sleeved shirt with a scoop neckline that matches the inside of the coat. I have a kind of a heavy head, and can only really wear vee and scoop necked blouses well. You just have to know yourself...

I found some green trousers that match the green of the jacket very well, and then came time for the accessories! And the story of the Red Gloves...

Maybe six years ago my husband and my son went shopping for me for Christmas. They bought me red leather gloves at Ann Taylor's in Edmond, OK. I loved them and wore them everywhere. Unfortunately, they didn't hold up as well as they might have. I have replaced them several times, and not with Ann Taylor, either.  In fact, it's about time for a new pair.... But my husband and son do not know that they are not the originals.  They love to see me wearing my red leather gloves. And today, I wore them.

I also wore red leather (not really) boots from (you-know-where). The brand is Rampage. They were never expensive, but I love them.  I have a cool red leather jacket from Sam's, too, but, of course, I'm wearing another jacket today.

I topped off my outfit today with a necklace and earrings that I bought years ago at Target.  They have red beads that really match and just work, somehow, although they are far from my fav necklace/earring set. My jacket, pants and blouse are all from my favorite store.

And there you have it. The Goodwill Goddess is ready for work!!

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