Monday, February 6, 2012

All My Issues

Who am I?

I'm a married woman who works a professional job in a midwest town. I want to be a writer. I am 59 years old. I am not skinny. I used to be pretty, but without plastic surgery, it's hard to be really pretty at this age. I work on it though.

Oh yes. I love clothes!! I can really afford to buy pretty nice clothing, but I'm going to tell you a secret. My fav store is Goodwill.  I just have so much fun there! And wearing what I buy there!  I buy a lot of the same name brands that I often buy in the actual stores, and mix and match them.

I just decided to multiply my Goodwill fun by writing a blog on how I dress in my Goodwill clothing.

Here's my first outfit. I have on stretch DKY pants, that I really love because of their heavy stretch fabric. They DO NOT bag anywhere, any how. They also have a cute little slit that makes them perfect to wear over boots. 

And the boots I chose for today are really my favs. They're a pair of really cute black MUDD boots with a herringbone lining. Of course, no one but me knows about the herringbone lining... And best of all, they're comfortable! And yes, there's mud on my heels. I really need a new sidewalk from my front porch to my driveway.

I'm wearing a short-sleeved black Travlers Chico vee-necked shirt (it gets hot in my office, so I have to layer), and a Claus block printed grey and black sweater with gold buttons. 

All of these clothes were purchased at Goodwill.  Today I grabbed a grey scarf that I bought for my son, but he never wears. I bought it new somewhere, sometime. I need a cool thin, longer grey scarf. I'm going to start looking for one.   

My coat is Susan Bristol, black with gold buttons. My necklace is probably twenty years old and I have no idea where I bought it. It's kind of a gold chain choker.

Well, I'm ready for a day in the corporate office. What fun will my closet bring me tomorrow?

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